RiRi & the Fanny Pack

Is Rihanna trying to bring back the fanny pack? This is the first thing that came to mind yesterday, as I was looking over my favorite celeb site Just Jared. Look at RiRi looking all cute eating M&M’s in Dublin, Ireland. She makes casual look chic!

I used to wear a fanny pack when I was little. They are really convenient and this D&G one is pretty hot. It say’s that it can even be worn as a cross-body bag. Hmmm??? RiRi is a fashionista and does wear pretty much whatever she wants. But do you think fellow fashionistas throughout the world will follow suit?

What are your thoughts on fanny packs…also known as waist or belt bags.

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{Rihanna Images: JustJared.com}

  • NikStar

    No fair Rihanna!! I totally was telling my friend last week that I needed a fanny pack! lol Mostly for working out since my workout pants don't have pockets…she's totally stealing my ideas! haha

    I'd rock it though. No shame! 🙂

  • LaLa

    yessssssssssssssss bring back the fanny pack lmao and my sister and I already started where them last month, during our yard sales lol hey that still counts lmao I LOVE HER!

  • carly

    im usually not a fanny pack fan, but i might have to change my mind. im so into that leopard fanny pack i would totally rock it!

  • Katrin

    hmm I sometimes have them for festivals, but actually I also feel kind of stupid when they hide under my huge belly xD

  • Goody

    i blogged about a cool brand that makes hip fanny packs the other day, so i am all for them.

    and i love the stylishness of the one she is wearing..

    the animal print takes it to another level…its not the fanny pack of old..

  • BBM

    shes such an amazing trend setter! love this!