New Glamour Cover!!

The new cover for Glamour magazine’s June 2010 issue is out! You’ve heard the hype over this issue! It features three beautiful women: Crystal Renn, Alessandra Ambrosio, and Brooklyn Decker.

They are wearing the summer’s hottest swimsuits and share their “confindence-boosting tips.”

I can’t wait to get my issue! I still haven’t found my swimsuit, maybe this will help me. {fingers crossed}

“Women will accept themselves when they see more [body] types…. This is the new normal.” -Crystal Renn

A gorgeous cover indeed. Some say Crystal is losing her curves? Does it really matter?

What do you think of the lovely ladies?

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  • Moe

    I think she's gorgeous but there's no way around it if she is losing her curves she does kind of lose her clout as a spokesmodel for body image etc. But more so as our token "plus size" model. That being said, 10 lbs lighter or not, she is still thicker than most of the ad cover models out there.

  • Annissa

    I love this and I just adore Crystal Renn. Every interview I've seen her in, she is so poised and eloquent. I should really read her book!

  • Anne

    In my eyes all of these models have the same body type, one just happens to be a bigger size than the other. They are doing nothing to diversify except patting themselves on the back for including a woman that weighs 20 lbs. more than the others.

  • Who are you Weesha?

    they all look tanned, toned and photoshopped to me.. meh. Crystal is seriously fierce though still.