Hurry up Simply Be!

Will UK’s Simply Be please hurry and come to the U.S. already! I’m drooling over here! I know they will be here this summer, but this shopaholic is getting impatient.

Look at this Simply Yours swim wear! I can’t stop staring at the Panache (polka dots) Swimsuit. I am looking for a cover-up too. Something that isn’t boring and a waste of money. Why is it always so hard to find a decent swimsuit?

Have you found your summer swimsuit yet?

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  1. Panache Swimsuit
  2. Beach2Beach Swimsuit
  3. Simply Yours Bikini Set
  4. Beach2Beach Bikini Set
  5. Joe Browns Cover-Up
  6. Joe Browns Beach Dress
  7. Joe Browns Beach DRess

  • Nefertiti

    j aime bcp le 4 mais trop complexee…

    bonne soiree ;O)

  • carly

    love that polka dot bathing suit.

  • LaLa

    YES!!! I can't wait, I love suit and I'm in the search for a new one!!

  • NikStar

    I went to the beach on Sunday, ok so I always go to the beach lol at least once a week if not to walk, just to chill, and I was out there tanning, soaking up the rays and I had no damn swim suit. OMG I really love this polka dot one. *pants slightly* I said I was going to buy one when I got paid again but now I kinda really want that one!

  • Ohmanitslisa

    I love that two piece! It actually looks like it has breast support, when the hell was the last time I had a swimming suit with breast support?! Hah.

    I went to the beach a few days ago. So very happy 🙂 .

  • Anika

    Hi, great post! I`m thinking I`ll go purple for this years swimsuit 🙂 I want to work my hips and not worry about my curves, but rather jump in the water feeling free and joyous!

    all the best,
    xoxo Anika