Go Short?

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Looks like Hollywood got the short-hair memo. I might follow. With summer right around the corner, I am definitely considering a major hair chop-off. I’ve had my hair short before. So, it wouldn’t be anything too drastic for me. But, I’m trying to decide which short hair style to go with. The hubby isn’t too happy about this, he loves my hair long. I tell him it’s only hair, it’ll grow back.

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Are you loving the short hair trend?

  • Cid Style File

    I have always loved short hair on woman. If I had straight hair I would totally rock a bob or pixie cute. Sadly with my curls all I get is Afro! Nothing against Afros but in the 4th grade my mom chopped off my hair (at my request) and I had no idea my hair would turn into an Afro. So just imagine a 4th grade girl with a Afro in the 80's, it was not pretty, everyone made fun of me. So any ways love short hair just not on me!

  • Jill

    i recently cut my long hair off for a short cut in march.. and while i've done that before, i've never regretted it.. until now! gosh, i miss my long hair soooo much! but at least it's hair and it'll grow back eventually 🙂

  • The Pale and Pallor Princess

    Loving the trend, I cut all my hair off in January. Love Carey Mulligan's hair, so cool.


  • Lexy

    I have always adored short hair. Such an effortlessly polished look. I had short hair all through high school and loved it! I wish I had the guts to go short again! hmmmm… I am DYING to get a Rihanna cut!!

    Lexy of Beautylicious Fashionista

  • Who’s Lipstick Is It?

    Going short was the best decision I ever made. It takes everything up a notch in style i think, do it you a have a great face it will look GORGEOUS!!

  • Jennifer aka. Jasifer

    m getting pretty bored of my long hair and im actually considering cutting it all off 😀 wouldn't that be a huge transformation or whould I look totally retarded, lol. idk 😀

  • Lodi

    i love it on these women… and other woman… but not as my hairstyle 🙁 i can't help it, but I'd never cut off my long hair…

    I'm way to scared of lookin masculine after cutting it…

  • Annissa

    A+ for short hair! It's just way, way more comfortable.


  • Katrin

    O love shorter hair, they look all pretty mazing with short hair but I think it really depends on the shape of the face and the whole person.
    I like mine a bit shorter, otherwise it hans't much volum ^^