Beauty Buzz: Vivid Nails

It’s a bright nail polish rainbow up in here!
These are by POP beauty and I can’t seem to get the bright colors out of my head! I think I’ve been wearing dark colors too long. It’s either that-our spring has officially smacked me upside the head!

Which one is your favorite color?

  • Who are you Weesha?

    ack! I must have the yellow!!

  • Katrin

    I looove brigth nail colors like this. So sweet! I think I would go for pinkest, strawberry and the first turquoise!

  • Alexandra Hoover

    I love the Pinkest and Strawberry, but they're all so good!

  • Lodi

    I'd tak'em all! 😀

    love bright nailpolish colors! I feel a 10000% cooler with'em!