Alicia and Kryptonite

Radio 1's Big Weekend - Day 1Radio 1's Big Weekend - Day 1

After seeing these pics of the gorgeous Alicia Keys, I started yearning for a hot pair of sunglasses. Not just any sunglasses, but a pair of square-ish shaped sunglasses. I don’t know what it is about me and this awesomely amazing accessory! This is the one item, that I don’t mind $pending money on. The pair of Coach sunglasses I have now are almost 3 years old. And they are still in great shape. I love them! I guess you can say that sunglasses are my kryptonite. Now, if only I can figure out what brand Alicia is wearing and I’ll be a happy camper. Oh…FYI…I want all of these pairs below!

What is the one thing you don’t mind spending money on?

  • Jennifer aka. Jasifer

    Can I have them too? 😛
    gorgeous picks! I'm wanting them too now.

  • Em. x.

    I spend my money on shrugs and boleros. I am addicted to them, although so many of them look the same! I need round glasses. Big, paparazzi style… My face of actually sitting on a hug head, so I need to balance things out! x.

  • BabyFabzMom

    I don't mind spending $ on handbags, shoes or sunglasses!

  • BBM

    i love it wen u do posts like this one. u got me thinking that i do need new sunnies too! i wish i could wear wat ms. keys is wearing … but my face is too fat for em! boo!

  • LaLa

    cute~ I just love her!