Wish List: Evans

Why won’t these amazing European stores, like Evans, open up boutiques in the states? Whyyyyyyy?

I am so skeptical when buying something online, because I don’t get to try it on. But, that doesn’t really matter anyways because I am on my current shopping freeze. Blah!!

Anywhoo…that won’t stop me from lusting after great fashion pieces, like the ones I’ve chosen from Evans below. Sigh…

  • Jules

    I know exactly what you mean- I just did a post about some shoes i got from evans that just don't fit. I just ordered those heels.. we'll see how they fit.

  • StephanieDJL

    I hope they have the hat in store and that it's big so it fits my giant head! I need that bag too.

  • Sarah

    Can I second that? I miss living in the UK so much – EVANS, ASOS – WHY CAN'T WE HAVE THESE?!