Shoe Fever: Wedges

When spring and summer hit, I can’t wait to pull out my wedge sandals. They go great with practically anything. I would take all of these above! Stupid budgeting.

  • Cid Style File

    Well you read my weekend review post about my wedges…lol
    I love them, my man hates them.
    I have like 3 other pairs of wedges I bought, but the BF hasn't seen them yet so will see how he reacts! For me wedges are great cause they are the only heels I can really walk in! lol

  • BBM

    i bought my first cork wedges for my lucky month of outfits challenge! why the first time? cuz the hubz hates em too … (wats with that cid?!?) he seriously think their scandalous … lol … i love em.

  • Nina

    I love wedges because they are so much more comfortable then high heels! Well for me anyways! Those are all super cute wedges btw!! 🙂

  • Carmella

    I have been hunting for the pair of perfect wedges for a couple months now but they still elude me! I agree, darn those budgets

  • Jennifer

    Love the shoes! Love…love!!! love the shoes…