Shoe Fever: Dolce Vita

Dear Dolce Vita,

I love your shoes. Although, I’ve never owned a pair, I fall in love every time I see a pair and try them on. I just want you to know that if I ever come across a couple of hundred dollars, I will buy these three pairs above. They would probably make my feet melt, because they are so HOT!

Thank you.

  • Cid Style File

    Yes Very HOT! I love Dolce Vita shoes, but sadly just like Pour La Victoria shoes way out of my budget. Can't even afford then when the pairs I find at Marshall! LOL Well maybe once I go back to work I may splurge and buy a pair on sale….hee hee!

  • the EyeZuh

    ever since i bought my first pair of sandals by them (from Ross! for $15 so don't tell me u can't do it Cid! lolz) i've been madly in love w/their designs! u should check out the post i have dedicated to some of my favorites 🙂

    – Iza

  • Chennifer

    These shoes are sooo hot!

  • the EyeZuh

    hey girl, check out the blog award i just gave u 🙂 in my latest post! (hope u haven't gotten it already lolz)

    – Iza

  • Lexy

    Dolce Vita shoes are definitely a fav! I own one pair of fringe sandals that I just HAD TO HAVE. I love the ones above, the second pair, in HOT pink.. they are FAB!