No Shopping?

Soooooo…the hubby told me last week that we need to start budgeting. You know what that means, right? No more shopping.

Yeah right! That just means super duper bargain shopping and thrifting!! Or I can wear the clothes I have in my closet. Either way, I am always up for a challenge! I will not let my shopping spirit be crushed! I will not be defeated! I promise.

P.S. I will be back on Twitter and FB in 3 days!!!!

P.P.S. I want to comment on your posts! But, if you have a blogger blog with the comment box embedded under the posts, for some reason it doesn’t work for me. 🙁

P.P.P.S For all the beautiful bloggers who have given me awards…THANK YOU! Makes me blush! But, I’m awful at giving them out. Sorry.

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  • Jennifer

    Oh noes. :O But your right, you can always shop smart 😀 Shopping makes women happy, men just can't take that away from us 😛

  • Lesa

    My husband and I had the same conversation. I told him to tell me how much money i can spend during the week and then if I see something I have to have I save for a week or two.I can't go "cold turkey" I am a shopaholic.

  • DaciaVu

    Girl, I feel your pain! I put myself on a spending freeze this month and lets just say.. it was hard! LOL I blogged about 🙂 Good luck though! Thrifting & shopping your own closet is a good idea!

  • Cid Style File

    BOO CHEAP to no shopping. I feel your pain, since I am not working I have to be a super bargain shopper. But girl let tell you can still find mega deals. I bought some shoes 2 wks ago for $4.99 each! Isn't that crazy! I have even bought clothes for $1.00 and it was not from the thrift store….LOL
    Oh yeah you can prob go shopping in your clothes too….LOL
    YAY for you returning to twitter!

  • NikStar

    Awe, well, I think it'll challenge you to make use out of the clothing in your closet hun! 😀

    P.S. Love your new layout & no worries, I'm horrible at giving back the awards myself!

  • QueenDiva

    I'm doing a no shopping thing on my blog for the month of april. Maybe we can support each other.

    Also, love the new layout… all professional looking 🙂

  • Sarah

    I manage to avoid the no shopping rule by using eBay and thrift stores – then I can say "BUT IT'S SO CHEAP! COME ON!" and whine my way to some new clothes 😉 Love your blog – adding it to my blog roll. I'm on the hunt for other fatshionistas!

  • Monique

    Thanks for the encouragement!! I really appreciate it. Now, I'm off to shop in my closet. 🙁 Lol