Boring Undies?

Today I realized…I have boring underwear. Ok, I realized this while I was looking through Torrid’s fun, colorful, and sexy intimates selection. I’ve never really thought of it and this may be a tad personal. Torrid, thank you for selling cute undies and making me realize mine are boring. Plus, they are all under $8 each and some are even on clearance. Oh…if you’re going to buy some online…there’s a coupon code at the bottom of this post. You’re welcome. 🙂

**10% Off Torrid’s Best Night Ever Collection • Enter Code 3AF10 OFF at Checkout • Ends 4/20

  • princessvalecia

    i have a thing for cute undies….they brighten my day!

  • Ashley

    I love those Barbie undies, too cute!


  • NikStar

    You read my mind!!! LOL I just told Tiff from FatShopaholic that I needed to go panty shopping! haha Love these!

  • Jennifer

    Cute undies! 😀 long time since I bought some, hm…next month I should put some money on some cute undies, thanks for the inspiration.

  • Lexy

    Love them all! especially the pink and purple leopard printed ones. ADORABLE!