Blogger Q&A: Allison

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Curvy Girl Chic

Who is your favorite fashion designer and why?

It may be incredibly mainstream, but I absolutely love the house of Chanel. Everything from that design house is feminine but powerful, chic but timeless, and always impossibly stylish. Even though Karl Lagerfeld spoke unpleasantly about plus size women, it cannot be denied that his work is brilliant and that he possesses an amazing eye for designs that will remain stylish for centuries. It also doesn’t hurt that everything that comes out of his mouth is effing hilarious! Love his sharp little witticisms.

What is the one fashion accessory/item you can’t live without?

My bags!! I’m the type of person to carry my life around with me (wallet, keys, cell phone, chapstick, camera, sunnies, umbrella, etc…), so a great bag is a must! I just purchased a huge Vince Camuto bag (complete with buttery soft leather, chain and leather fringe accents, and an oh-so-convenient cross body strap! I was in love the minute I saw it! 🙂

If you were allowed to create a beauty product, what would it be and what would you name it?

Insta-Chub-Away! It would be the miracle cream that would make all those annoying little bumps that make clingy clothing look bad go away…it would be like shapewear but without the discomfort and unsexiness! 😀

If you only had 10 minutes to pack for a fashion extravaganza in your favorite city, what would you bring and where would it be?

Seriously?! Just packing for my weeklong trip home took me over 6 hours, lol! I’m definitely the kind of person to try and shove my entire closet into my luggage…I also absolutely need to weigh my luggage before I finish since I’m always over airline baggage allowances! But I guess if I were to pack for a fashion extravaganza without any time, I would shove my dark wash skinny jeans, a big bag (prob my Vince Camuto one), a chic black blazer, various fun tops (glittery, chain, and floral, most likely), and black ankle boots into my luggage! I’d also throw in a couple hot little dresses and a flashy little clutch for dressier outings—you never know when you might need to get a little jazzed up!

Do you live by a fashion philosophy or quote? What is it?

My fashion philosophy is to always wear what you love!! People are always getting a kick out of telling other people what to wear or what is “flattering” on them. In my humble opinion, that person’s opinion isn’t worth a damn! After all, what makes them so worthy of telling you what to wear? As long as you LOVE how you look and what you’ve got on, people will be able to pick that confidence up and you’ll look awesome to them regardless of a lot of other things! Also, when in doubt, go with black. Black will always be the new black.

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    i love allison! she's my girlfriend u know. no, really. ;-P

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    Allison is one of my blogger heros. I love her so much! Great interview. :3

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    Thanks so much for the feature! 😀 And thanks Gazel and BBm for the sweet comments! I <3 you guys! 😀

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    Well I may be bias, cause Allison is from Cali, but she is awesome. Love her style and her personality (from what I can gather via twitter & blog) She seems like a fun & sweet person. Well you know all us Cali girls are cool! LOL

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    Wee, great interview, Allison's a huge inspiration, love her cute and well thought outfits and lovely photos, she seems like a super cool person! 🙂

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    I love her, she's so cute and has a really great style when it comes to fashion 😀

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    Allison is one of my favorite bloggers always classy cute and such great style!


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    Allison is fabulous. I love her easy-going style. She always looks comfortable no matter what she's wearing. And, I agree 100% with her opinions on Chanel and Lagerfeld. You can't deny the incredible designs of Chanel!