Wish List: Torrid

I’m broke as a joke…so I will e-window shop…again. I was browsing the Torrid web site and I fell for these 4 pieces. Oh Torrid…why must you be a little too pricey for this blogger on a budget? It’s ok…I will survive. I’m hitting up the Goodwill tomorrow to see what I can find. That will hold me over until the weekend. My name is Monique and I’m a shopaholic!

  • BBM

    i LOVE that dress girl … shut it down! i love virtual shopping … hehehe! but it does still get me in trouble … ;-p

  • Jennifer

    I find myself shopping online more now then before…LOVE H&M's website, have a package on it's way as we speak. yay! and I totally agree, torrid is a bit pricey.

  • DaciaVu

    OMG!! Those last 2 (the dress & lace top) are now on my wish list!!