Curvy Girl Travels: Sun, Fun, and Baseball

I’m baaaaack! You didn’t know I was gone? I took a road trip this weekend to Arizona. My hubby bought us tickets to see a Los Angeles Dodger’s spring training game versus the Angels. Since my mother-in-law lives out there we decided to make it a family weekend.

Yes, I am a true blue Dodger fan. We had the best seats ever!! Right behind the Dodger dugout. I drooled over all the hotties…like Andre Ethier (below) and I took some really good pics. I even saw Dodger legend Tommy Lasorda and the hubby got a ball autographed by Joe Torre. (Thanks to his sister) If you’re not a sports fan, then you have no idea what I’m talking about and how awesome this game was. Even though we lost and I had to hand a verbal beating to a smack-talking Angels fan! Lol…I don’t believe in violence. But, this girl was being super annoying and she started it!

Anyways, we went out to Sedona and I fell in love. It is so beautiful there. We just got back about an hour ago. I’m pooped. I really missed you lovely ladies!!

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  • Gabi

    LUCKY! I love the Dodgers! Those ARE some good seats:) Me and the hubs wanted to go but we opted to go to Vegas in a couple of weeks…oh well…maybe next year! Was it hot in AZ?

  • Nina

    Oh wow that seems so much fun! And wow you really did have amazing seats, those are great shots. Welcome back! 🙂

  • Nefertiti

    j aimerais un jour pouvoir voir un match comme ca…

    jolie tenue ;O)

  • BBM

    how FUN! im glad u had an awesome time! are great seats lucky girl! props to the hubby for planning this lil getaway!

    and u look cute of course!

  • Monique

    Thanks ladies! It was so fun! @Gabi, it was in the 80's at the game…making it pretty warm. But, not the usual AZ hot. Lol.

  • Gabi

    @Monique: That's awesome!