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Dear H&M,

I am going to keep this short and to the point. As a woman and a huge fan of yours, I am urging you to make sizes larger than a 12 (US) available in your United States stores. Being that the average size of the American woman is a 14, it would only make sense for your company to stock these sizes. It would also make a lot of us very happy.

I know you have a plus-size line available in other countries and I’m sure it does very well. This would not only benefit us fashion-savvy curvy women, but it would benefit you financially ($$$).

To show you, this is not just a one woman requests, I am asking all of those who agree to leave a comment with their first name and the state/country where they reside.

Thank you,


P.S Please pass this on via email, tweet, facebook, or whatever you use. Thanks!
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  • Gabi

    I AGREE!

    Gabi from Southern California

  • Nyine

    chanel…… tennessee

  • Loulou

    I agree! Even though I'm not even US based…. BTW, I don't think I've ever bought from H&M in the UK; their sizing runs really small.

    Louise, Scotland, UK

  • Sophie

    I am not US based but I do agree. The H&M plus size section in the UK leaves a lot to be desired. It's all quite tent like.

    Sophie, UK

  • Nina

    I agree!!!

    Nina, Southern California

  • Jennifer

    I agree.

    Uppsala, Sweden.

  • princessvalecia

    So very true!
    Valecia- Wisconsin

  • Eileen

    Eileen-New Hampshire

  • kittywitch9

    I agree!

    I remember when they did carry plus sizes, it was like a mumu heaven. So if they do decide to start carrying plus, please please please just extend the sizes of what you already have.

    Jenna, New Jersey

  • Jo


    Jordann – Columbia, Maryland

  • Jassy


    Jasmine, Florida

  • DivaInDeepThought

    I am also in 100% agreement… why should I be penalized cause of my melons??!!

    Yolanda – Baltimore, MD

  • Rosie

    Rosie Oakland, CA

  • StephanieDJL

    I'm not US based either but I'm surprised they don't have the line in America. On the downside I think the line runs small in comparison to the regular line.

    Stephanie, England.

  • Cid Style File

    Si porfavor! I had no idea H&M had a plus size line. So yes please to everything Monique said!!!! Do it now!
    Cid, Long Beach, CA

  • CurvyGirlChic

    Please do!

    Allison from Boston, MA

  • Gail

    Please do!! I live just north of the border (Canada) and curvy women here would LOVE if you carried sizes large than 12!


  • NikStar

    I agree!! I would love to shop at H&M for more than accessories!

    Nichole Smith
    Chicago, IL

  • BBM


    BBM, San Diego, CA

  • Fashion Amour

    I agree!

    Jaida M.
    Cincinnati, OH

  • Jayka


  • rainebeaux

    WORD SQUARED. I can't live on accessories alone, ya know. There IS a reason this store hasn't seen my money since 2004

    Lorraine, Chicago, IL/USA.

  • Emma

    Dear H&M,
    First of all please get your butt down to Australia, and while your at it bring your curvy clothes with you.

    Sydney, Australia

  • Jessica

    seriously….i'm normally anywhere between a size 8 and size 12 and i could barely fit into some things.

    jessica california

  • Ms.Thang

    Uhhh I am normally a size 10-12 but I never fit anything in that damn store. Its too bad cause I like alot but too tiny

  • Jayla


    Houston, TX

  • Gazel

    Yes, make that your NORTH AMERICAN stores indeed!




  • Mz B

    I agree!

    Brandy from Chicago,IL

  • posh morales


    Glendys Miami fl

  • Ms. Tina

    I agree it only makes business to do so.
    San Jose, CA

  • Katrin

    I agree, even if I am not from the US but from Germany. And we have their extended size range, and I really do like it: Sooo H&M go for it, make this collection bigger and in more countries available! This is the step in the right direction!

  • CurvyKatie

    YES! Bring H&M Big is Beautiful line to North America!


  • Michaniya Cunningham

    I Love H&M clothes but often walk straight pass the store because they don't carry plus size clothing. Once in a while my friends force me inside and I find one thing that fits after about 30 minutes of searching. Please give us plus size clothing.

    Michaniya, USA.

  • Nicole Cunningham

    I totally agree…Austin, Texas (The Domain location).

  • Ereka D.

    I agree, I’m a 10/12, SOMETIMES 14 (just depends! LOL), so I’m with you!

  • I agree 100%!!! LaTanya – Austin, Texas (The Domain location)