Forever 21 Wish List

Forever 21…why must you tempt me like this? I was doing so well. Then I find these beauties. Didn’t you know I was a bargainista and I have been trying my hand at the local thrift stores? Now, I must buy something from you. I’ll tell my hubby that it’s all your fault…and he should blame you. Sorry…someone has to take the fall. And it’s not going to be me.

  • CurvyGirlChic

    Totally agree! i'm so addicted to their website! lol and I'm in LOVE with that California ring.

  • Carmella

    That blue skirt just pops and I have those rhinestone earrings on my wishlist. Great picks!

  • Ohmanitslisa

    Ohhh those lace-up nude pumps… I can't blame you! I am definitely adding those to the wardrobe in no time ;P .

    A great collection of pieces. Love your taste!
    <3 Lisa

  • Cid Style File

    I am so ready for spring! I know how tempting F21 can be,so i try to stay far away..but it doesn't always work…LOL

  • Nina

    I know how your feeling, whenever i go to the website I want to many things from there. I like a lot of things from your list, you picked some great items that im liking as well! 🙂