Do you dare?

I love shoes.
I love pretty shoes.
I love interesting and creative shoes.
I love eye-catching shoes.

I am not loving these shoes.

I’m sorry shoes.

  • CurvyGirlChic

    LOL i thoguht the first one was a dog at first glance…like one of those little moppy dogs… hehehe it's kinda cute in that way, I'd just never wear it.. lol.

    funny post! 😀

  • FatshionablyChubby

    The first one looks like a fuzzy may be attacking my shoe (upside down club(noggin) lol) I kinda find the floral print appealing i like that they are wedges just wish the fabric wasn't so slouchy and maybe more fitting ! Suede nude floral print thigh high boots!!!!!

    FatshionablyChubby @Blogspot

  • LivingPlusSize

    I don't see how any of those could be seriously considered as "shoes". WOW!!

  • Cid Style File

    That 1st one is a shoe! Damn! Not loving it either. I guess I stick to my boring normal shoes….LOL

  • Alyssa

    oh dear…. they are rather….. unique? arent they 🙂

    that first one really does look like a dog. maybe its inspired by the designers pet?!

  • Lodi

    the only pair I'd wear is the colorful last pair! 😀 but the others? HELL NO! 🙂

  • Chennifer

    yeah, I agree. I love shoes too – got that from mi abuela I think (dad calls us both Imelda Marcos) – but these are really weird, in a bad way

  • alissa

    holycow im with you – those are awful:)

  • StephanieDJL

    What is going on with that first shoe!? Horrific lmao! The second pair looks like wallpaper or a duvet. I actually like the style of the third pair, just not the colour or the buckle…oh dear at me!

  • Amanda Allison

    Ok, so most of these are yuck, but I'm actually loving the last one! lol. Bright colors always win me over.