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A size-14 dummy cuts a lonely figure among the size-10s at Wendy Atkins' mannequin store in Sydney.

I saw this photo online and had to share it with you. Here is a “plus size” mannequin next to the so-called “normal” sized mannequins in Sydney, Australia. Read the news story here.

  • Jennifer

    God, that's not "normal" size, that's "Skinny" size. 😛 that image is crazy, we should have more "real" size mannequins in stores…right? just like that plus size one.

  • Monique

    I know! I don't know many girls that look like the skinny mannequins. Lol.

  • kittywitch9

    wow those skinny mannequins are creepy looking, I'll take the plus sized one any day, even though she doesn't have a head or limbs 🙁