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This my friends…is what happens when I stay home bored with my cell phone. No, I’m not embarrassed of these pics. I am pretty embarrassed that this curvy butt is not sitting in a pub somewhere in L.A. on St. Patrick’s Day. This is me “au natural’ and ready to go to bed. I hope you had a better night than I did. I’m pooped. I spent all day with my mom shopping at thrift stores. I picked up a snakeskin clutch…but nothing else caught my eye. Oh well…they just opened a Ross at the Beverly Connection. Now I have an Old Navy, Marshalls, Nordstrom Rack, and Ross all in one place. Bargainista heaven!

  • BBM

    ure right! that is a bargainista heaven! im jealous!

  • NikStar

    You're still a doll au natural! <3 that's real beauty, what you see when a woman takes her makeup off! I partied for you on St Patty's Day! 😀

    I need barginista heaven please and thank you!

  • Monique

    Thanks Nik!!