Bargainista Finds

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I was such a bargain shopper this past weekend! I know I said I might post a video, but it looks like it’s not happening. Sorry. Instead, I am posting a few pics of what I bought. The shoes are by Candie’s and only cost $5!! I know!! They are a plum color and I’ve already broken them in. Bargainista should be my middle name. Also, belts have become my new favorite accessory. The top belt is by Betsey Johnson and I adore it! You already know I’m not daring when it comes to prints, but I am going out on a limb here and I bought a few pieces. I’ve worn the dresses and they are very comfy. The necklace is by Avril Lavigne, I don’t know if you can tell but it’s fuchsia. It was on clearance…of course! Lol.

  • Jennifer

    Lovely bargains, I love doing great bargains! Really like the belts and the dresses are really nice…go prints! 😀

  • Cid Style File

    Very Good finds! I love to bargain shop, I have been doing some shopping my self and need to post my finds. BTW miss you on twitter! I need my LA Twitter buddy back!

  • Monique

    I know Cid!! I miss you too! 🙁 I'm sad without twitter.