Spring Trends: Geometric, Tribal, and Ikat Prints

Repeat after me…”Prints are my friend.” Don’t be afraid of this daring spring trend. Geometric, tribal, and ikat are definitely the eye-attracting prints to wear this spring. If you’re not into the much loved floral print, then this may be for you.

Any of the tops can be worn with a simple solid color legging or even a skinny jean. I have my eye on #2 and #11. I love the idea of a chic long layered necklace as an accessory. Or even a solid color skinny belt can add definition.

My golden rule: Try not to wear more than one style of print, no combining here! The print is already your bold statement piece.

  • BBM

    i love your line "repeat after me — prints are my friends" i totally agree!

    hehehe … im digging no. 5!

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  • NikStar

    Numbers 7 & 12 could totally get some play in my spring wardrobe! I'm trying to do the whole print thing and not be afraid, but there are still some prints i will not do. :-/

  • Plus size fashion queen

    I've never been a gig fan of Tribal but I actually quite like the one from the Asos Curve collection. Maybe it's because it looks so flowy and would be gorgeous insite shorts or a skirt!

    Much love from Montreal


  • Nina

    I love #11 and 12, very cute! 🙂 I can't wait for spring!

  • StephanieDJL

    I love the ASOS & Torrid dresses, so cute.