Saturday Night Rant

It’s Saturday night and I’m sitting here watching The Bad Girls Club. I’m feeling all feisty right now! Lol. If you live in L.A. and listen to KDay…only one of the best radio stations EVER, then you’ve heard that dumb Lap Band commercial. I can’t stand it!! It goes a little something like this…

Guy:”Wow Bridget, you look so skinny! I can’t believe you ever weighed that much weight!”

Girl: “Oh thank you! See these two gallon jugs of water I’m holding? That’s how much weight I lost!”

Guy: “What is your favorite thing to do now that you’re skinny?”

Girl: “I get to go shopping at all the fun stores!”

Come on!!! Are you kidding me? I despise that commercial. Too bad all of us non-skinny people don’t get to shop at fun stores! Ugggghhh!! Kiss my BIG OL’ BOOTY Lab Band! You bite!

Thank you. I’m done.

  • Cid Style File

    OMG girl I totally know what you are talking about. They also have billboards all over LA. One day on my way to work I counted like 15 billboards on the freeway for that damn weight loss place. I seriously came home was so annoyed and told my bf how upset I was. I don't know who these woman they talk about are, but I always have fun shopping. I just got home from a fun filled shopping spree and I shopped at all the fun stores! LOL

  • Monique

    LOL…I hate those billboards!

  • CurvyGirlChic

    Ugh how annoying!!! >:(

  • NikStar

    wow, i've heard a similar commercial before. How annoying!

  • Jennifer Lopez

    I went to a lap band clinic for shits and giggles once. It costs $18,000 to get skinny that way. So I doubt she'll be shopping at any fun stores anytime soon.

  • Girl With The Golden Touch

    LOL, I would def be pissed off with that advert too! It sounds so stupid! xx