Real on the Runway

Bravo Mark Fast!! Real women on the runway, again.
Look at these lovely ladies at London Fashion Week.
Wearing Mark Fast’s fall 2010 line proud.

  • alethia

    I am happy to see the designers warming to the idea of using models that represents the American woman. However, I feel that the dresses on the models does more harm than good. If the designers are going to use larger size models I expect to see them wear beautiful clothes that enhance their bodies. Why would a designer put a larger size model in a dress that looks and fit a smaller model bodyframe. I want to see models that represents the average size American woman, but please don't put these women into clothes that is just not flattering.

  • Sabrina

    I like that fact that larger models are being used by designers, but this one forgot the major rule PROPER UNDERGARMENTS. If the models were wearing the right undergarments that clothes would of looked a hell of a lot better.

  • Chotto Coquette

    Yep. Done for the sake of publicity as his garments are just simply not that good. It was obviously a last minute decision or else the ill fitting garments would have been caught in the run through.

    btw im new to the site as I found it through google alerts. Just wanted to say GREAT LAYOUT!

  • Rosie

    I have to agree. This kind of show actually does "plus" (read: average) models and people a disservice because the clothes aren't that attractive and they are really ill-fitting on these lovely ladies!

  • Monique

    I really believe it's the fabric he uses. If you look at the thinner models, you can still see every nook and cranny. So, it's not a flattering material at all. But, I love that they are still walking the runway with their heads held high!

  • BBM

    love love love crystal renn! shes amazing!