Peacock Pretty?

There were angels, butterflies, flowers, bows, and sparrows. Every season, a new print explodes into our wardrobes.

This season, you can’t walk into your favorite boutique without trying on at least one item with the peacock design. It’s everywhere.

The question is…are you buying it?

  • NikStar

    Hmm I'll have to see about this. I love my peacock inspired earrings and colors but if its something that is an actual print. eh *shrugs* maybe?

  • Totally Inspired

    hmmm, not sure about the actual peacock design, but I would definitely wear the colors or the color combo.

  • BBM

    i havent seen the peacock design! i wanna see!

  • Jill

    it's been big for a few seasons now, or at least, i've seen peacock inspired stuff in stores for the last year. i haven't bought an actual printed shirt with it, but i own a necklace with a simple feather on it and a headband (obviously i don't wear them together), but the colors of the peacock are vibrant and beautiful that it brightens up a colorless outfit!

  • Gabi

    YES! I bought a great shirt last summer with a peacock feather print…check it out…

    I wore it the other day 😀