‘New Look’ Inspires

New Look’s ‘Inspire’ line is calling my name. These are a few of my faves. Funny, because I’ve never really been a girly girl, but these fun and flirty pieces are going to have to make it into my closet. There’s nothing like adding a chic and feminine touch to a gray winter wardrobe.

  • SKORCHMag.com

    jessica kane

  • Matron-Jo

    I was in new look today I tried on that black lace dress on the bottom right hand corner of your pictures and if your thinking of buying it ladies its an extremley small fit!

    Just above it , the top with the flower on the neckline i have in navy and its a massive fit ! i had to go down a size!! …

    Lovely finds , new look are great atm 😉


  • Chunky Curlz

    OOH nice, love learning about new stores, but why are the good one over seas! BOO!
    I like the black and white, is that a top or a dress, I guess you can wear it as both!

  • Nik

    This is so FUNNY I was going to do a post about New Look after Steph reminded me of them in my last wishlist post…I'm INTO them right now…

  • StephanieDJL

    There's never too many New Look posts Nik 😉

    New Look is easily my favourite shop! Their plus size range is just pieces from the original line rather thank making different pieces, their shops have the most amazing shoe collections and the prices are relatively cheap. They also have 10% student discount all year round as well as frequent 20% off discounts! Woah crazy mass of random information there, if you couldn't tell I really love New Look haha. I love these picks and they usually have more in store so I'm going to check it out tomorrow!

  • Lisafashionista

    So funny, I actually prepared a New Look blog for tomorrow and then saw this like half an hour later. Great plus size minds think alike I guess. I reaallllly want their bow jumper (check out http://www.beautypluspower.blogspot.com tomorrow to see my post). Nice blog girlie!

  • thefatandskinnyonfashion

    these pieces are so cute! i really love the cardigan with the lace inside.

  • Monique

    Thanks everyone! Great minds do think alike! lol

  • NikStar

    I totally found out about New Look thanks to Steph! haha I love your picks! These are some of the ones I've been eyeballing. *sigh* I really need a sponsor!