Handbag Delight: Beige is back?

Nine West at ShopStyle

**I was at the mall yesterday and I saw tons of handbags in these colors. I’m wondering if you think this color bag can be used year round. Or just a spring/summer color?

  • Shandi

    I hope not. ew.

  • Chunky Curlz

    Well nude, beige or khaki what ever you want to call is a neutral color which can go with lots or almost any color. So I suppose you can use it year round. For some reason I am not a fan of light color bags. I would like some shoes that color. Cute bags, color i am not sure.

  • Ohmanitslisa

    I thrifted this funky little beige bag awhile back this year, but I've felt weird about carrying it. It's definitely a little grandma-ish… haha.

    But this is reassuring! I think I'll have to test it out now 😉 . So glad to have found your blog! I love it.

  • alissa

    i think it could be year round – but im definitely adding it to my list of something to look for this summer!

  • Plus size fashion queen

    It is a very big trend this summer! Beige and nude tones in general can be very hard to wear for some people because it is so easy to look washed out in them! The best way to use it would be the bag, and yes, I think you can wear it all year long, especially if you wear black leather jackets or just dark colors in general in the colder seasons…

    Much love from Montreal