An Evening Affair

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What a fun night! My hubby and I were invited to a 50th Wedding Anniversary celebration. It was a true honor to be there and witness their love. There was a live band and everything. Yes, I do dance.

I was worried the dress might have been too short or showed too much cleavage. But, I think it was OK. Right? lol

This whole outfit costs….$65! Not bad, considering I can wear these pieces over and over. The only thing about the dress was the belt. It kept coming undone, so I had to fix it with an emergency bobby pin. The shoes weren’t the most comfortable, but they worked. I even got a few compliments.

**Sorry about the weird expression on my face…hahahaha…it was the best pic of the bunch.

  • StephanieDJL

    I am loving all of the bows in this post. The dress is gorgeous, not too short/low at all!

  • Gabi

    I loveeeee this dress! When I saw it online I knew I had to get it:D You look so pretty doll!


  • Monique

    Thanks!! Too sweet. 🙂

  • Jbanks21

    You look really sophisticated AND fashionable!! =)

  • Who are you Weesha?

    You look so hot! I love everything about this outfit- shoes, jewellery, dress, make up- everything!

  • Monique

    Thanks! {blushing}

  • NikStar

    Stephanie, of course you like the bows! 😉

    monique, I hate when I take my own ootd pics, I always have some weird awkward face, but trust, you look just fine darlin… love the outfit. Shoes, can they just make shoes that are made out of cloud particles?

  • Chunky Curlz

    WOW! hot mama! dress looks so good. Love the bows on dress and shoes. I think the hem and cleavage was just right, just enough to keep them guessing….LOL

  • BBM

    oooooohh… look at you puurrtty girl! i bet ure hubby was a mess seeing you in this! u look great! and those pumps are darling!

  • kittywitch9

    Those are super sexy shoes! I always love finding cute things at J.C. Penny, people always seem so genuinely surprised when I tell them where they are from.

  • Michele Hamilton

    You look beautiful. Everything goes together seamlessly. Those shoes are precious!