Comfy Sunday

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I’m not going to lie. I’m really nervous about posting my first outift here. Lol. I think I’m trying too hard to impress you all. I mean…look at me…I cropped my face out because I was making a weird face!! Don’t worry. I will show my pearly whites on the next one.

This was my Superbowl Sunday outfit. I was nice and comfy, but not warm enough. I had to throw on a sweater and scarf a couple of hours after taking this. As you can tell, I’m a bargain girl! And proud of it!

  • Chunky Curlz

    YAY! 1st OOTD! looking good! Love it you look so comfy & stylish. Good to know I am not alone in my love of bargain shopping. Target & Marshall's are my fave stores. I too was very nervous & scared when I posted my 1st OOTD. You look good so no need to worry, look forward to more OOTD's!!

  • NikStar

    Don't feel intimidated! I know my OOTD posts don't look like what every other fatshionista was/is wearing, but I think that is what makes us all unique and different! I'm no stranger to Target myself. I'm ballin on a budget!

  • Who are you Weesha?

    cute outfit! I like the font for outfit details too & that its on your picture, look super cool !

  • The Real Me

    Love this outfit!