Comfy Comfy Comfy…

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If there is one word to describe my personal style, it would have to be comfortable. If I’m not happy with what I’m wearing I’ll be miserable.

This past weekend is a great example of that. The weather was beautiful here in L.A. and I was happy to pull out the sandals. The scarf you see was a lucky purchase on a Saturday morning shopping spree. A definite bargainista find!

As you can see in the pic, my fave piece of clothing right now is a pair of leggings. I adore leggings! Seriously, my husband asked me if I wear real pants anymore. Lol. I am also in love with the long and soft tees from Old Navy. They are a great price and I can wear them long, with a belt, or tuck them in if I want.

Sorry about the blurry pics, but all I have right now is my phone. I’m not on professional photo status yet. I’m just getting the hang of this.

  • Who are you Weesha?

    I love leggings too, I think they're sexy and really versatile, no?
    You're beautiful y'know? The first outfit is my fave 🙂

    p.s-I really love your hairstyle!

  • DivaInDeepThought

    I love all 3!!! But mostly I love how you're comfy but at the same time letting people know you care about your appearance. You look great.

  • Chunky Curlz

    Comfy and Cute! It' so LA! LOL

  • Monique

    Thank you for the great comments! You're making me blush. lol

  • NikStar

    I like comfy & cute!! that's my style! lol Way cute! Am I the only girl that hasn't jumped on the leggings wagon? Hmm. I'm so stuck on my denim! lol Maybe very soon!

  • Sophie

    Loving the relaxed looking middle outfit. I tend to wear green and purple a lot and I have just got into wearing leggings and jeggings more. I will be putting up some more plus size fashion posts over the next week.