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  • Cid Style File

    WOW look at Jill Scott she looks good. I like that dress on her. Monique looks good too. Gabby looks cute, but who ever is dressing her is making her look older. I don't like the last few dresses I have seen her wear. Kinda worried what she will wear for the Oscars. I don't want her to be on the worst dress list :(

  • Monique

    I think Jill Scott looks amazing too!

  • Who are you Weesha?

    oh wow! Jill looks incredible, I think she's one of those people whose spirit just shines through all the time. I love Monique's dress. I don't think that's a good picture of Gaby though, she's heaps cuter than that!

  • NikStar

    OK I'm going to channel my inner Jill Scott and find this dress. Her and Monique look breath taking! Gaby on the other hand, not a fan of this dress on her. I wish someone would dress her better. :/

  • BBM

    i LOVE monique but I agree, not a fan of this dress on her.

  • Cindy

    yes, yes, yes, Jill Scott is my Shero! love anything she wears

  • StephanieDJL

    I'm in love with Monique's dress and her in it. So gorgeous!