Shoe Fever: Ankle Boots

There are tall boots, over-the-knee boots, booties, and calf-boots. But, what about the ankle boot? If you love boots, but don’t want to hassle with having to zip them up over your ‘curvy’ calf, then these are for you. The boots I chose below have an added bonus…they are very sexy and can add a lot to a pair of jeans or even with a gorgeous opaque or knitted tight.

Of course I am in love with the expensive pair, but don’t worry, there are tons of affordable copy cats out there. Besides, if you take care of them, they will last for years to come. I’m on the hunt now.

**As requested, I added a few boots with a lower heel.

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  • Chunky Curlz

    I want some ankle booties, but can't seem to find any that aren't so high. Do they many low heel booties…why are all the shoes I love have high high heels…BOO! Oh sorry just my little rant. LOL

  • Monique

    Lol…it's OK…I totally understand. Let me see if I can find some and I will add them. 🙂

  • Dr Martens Boots

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